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This is my website! I put things on it that I think people might be interested in seeing.

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About me

Hi, I’m Caroline.

I’m a dual-wielding geek/nerd, but they tell me that’s cool these days. (When I was a kid they used to give us Ritalin for that.)

I spend the vast majority of my time designing, writing, producing and thinking about storytelling. I believe that stories are how we create meaning from experience, and that games give us creative outlets for storytelling. This can be powerful, and can be art. In general, this manifests as designing games and articulating methodologies for doing so.  In my work, this manifests as Marketing and Business Development.

I do quite a bit of event-running around the topic of games. My goal is simple; get more people playing games, having interesting experiences, and becoming involved in creative communities.

In my spare time I like to contribute to various nonprofits that support issues I care about, urban forage, create music, read nonfiction & scifi books, listen to heady podcasts, and fantasize about how great it’s going to be when I’m a cyborg.

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