Some Games & Designs

Unfortunately, many of the games I design are proprietary.  Here are a few games that I can share.

Marvel Studios ARG Project

This is the winning design for a case competition at Babson.  I created this game along with a team (aka “Group 8”) that had never been exposed to game design of any sort before.  I was creative director and producer for the entire project, which we completed in under three weeks.  The presentation you will view is the front end; there is much more intricate story and game design behind the project in earnest. Marvel Studios was in no way involved in the creation of this project and has not endorsed it in any way.

Supplimentary Material: Youtube “Viral” Video

View the Presentaion

Social Media ARG

This game is designed to teach people who are unfamiliar with social media tools how to utilize them effectively, and was a finalist in the 3E Learning Competition 2010.  All materials are proprietary and should not be used without purchase of a license.

Design DocumentGame Master Cheat-Sheet

Operation: PARANOIA!

This street game was designed for the 2010 Come Out and Play festival.

Design Document

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